Indonesia: Prambanan

We visited Prambanan in October 2014.  It is the largest Hindu temple site in Indonesia and one of the largest in S.E. Asia. It is a UNESCO world heritage site.


Not a great photo, the sun was still too bright. And too damn hot. But you get the idea.

Built in the 9th Century, it was an impressive sight, though infuriatingly signposted. I read that few people (particularly backpackers) view the other temples in the grounds, and I’m not surprised. We tried, but it was like a treasure hunt, only with no clues. And in the searing heat, well, we gave up. 


These photos don’t do the site justice. The central building is 47 metres high. Look closely and you can see people on the right of the picture, gives a bit of context.

There was a ‘train’ that circled the site for the princely sum of 7,500 diddles (that’s a budget busting 40p….easy now) and for some reason we decided against it. Possibly because most of the adults sitting on the ‘train’ looked like it was some kind of torture train.   There were a few children on there with what I can only describe as duck quacking whistles. Perhaps it was a torture train after all.

When the sun got lower and photos became a possibility we spent some time at the main temple. They really are impressive structures, that have suffered over the centuries with earthquakes and angry volcanos.


There were a lot of people there, but definitely not a sea of white faces. Mark went off to take some pics and I sat on a wall. It wasn’t long before I became the next attraction and people were wanting their photo taken with me. I should have charged! It’s been some time since this has happened and I couldn’t tell quite why I was singled out.  This became a bit of a pattern in Indonesia.


The detailed carving is spectacular.

As soon as people saw one person doing it, a queue starting forming. Little did they realise that I am THE MOST un-photogenic person in the world.  They could barely contain their disappointment when looking at the screen following the shot. I felt sorry for them.

One lady in particular seemed to love me and later, when Mark and I were walking around, she saw us being asked again to have photos taken with us.  She walked over and asked again to have her photo taken. In return I gave my camera to someone to take a pic of the three of us. It is quite unflattering and a very bad pic.  I now knew how they felt when they looked at their photos of me and them. At least I didn’t burst out laughing like they did.


I’m not actually a giant. Or pregnant. I’m uncertain if you could achieve a more unflattering angle.

We came for the sunset and it was beautiful. It’s definitely worth a visit and is quite a peaceful place, albeit a busy one.


Sunset at Prambanan

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