Review: The Tugu Hotel, Malang. Quite possibly the best hotel I have ever stayed in…

When we were overlanding, we stayed in a variety of accommodation.  Homestays, hotels, tents, yurts, beach huts.  Most had windows, some did not.  Some were excellent, some historical, some nothing to write home about, some were lovely and homely, some faceless and some could well have been death traps. But when there’s limited choice, you can’t be fussy. toiletries-at-the-tugu-hotel-malang-java-indonesia

I stumbled across Tugu Hotels when I was searching for a cheapish place to stay for our trip to Malang.  We try and keep to an accommodation budget of up to £20 per night, depending on where we are.  Sometimes it’s lower, other times it’s a touch higher, but ideally we try and find something around the £15 mark.  The Tugu looked lovely and on a whim I decided to treat us.  And oh boy!  What a treat.  It is a gorgeous colonial building set on an imposing round-a-bout in Malang, east Java.

It is nothing short of gorgeous and you are greeted by beautiful Javanese and Indonesian antiques at every turn.  And it smells divine.  I can’t describe it, but it wafts out of the hotel and fills your senses long before you even walk in.

The staff are fabulous.  They remember your name and pre-emept your needs.  We had an executive suite for one night only and even though it was four and a half times our usual budget, to us, it was worth fifty times this.  Possibly even a hundred. When I think what I’ve paid in the UK for places nowhere near as fantastic as this, it makes me shudder.

Below is a gallery of photos of the hotel, click on one to enlarge and view the gallery.  I make no excuses for the number of photos and there are plenty more where these came from.  If it was pre-digital camera days I would have been dashing out to buy more film.

The place is wonderful, I urge you to go out of your way to stay here, or you can just visit. They do tours of the hotels for about £3.50, it’s free for guests.  This hotel was also the reason why we went to Blitar, why we’re sorry to leave and one of the reasons for my ever expanding waistline.

Oh, and there’s a spa there as well, which I didn’t try…a good reason to return, me thinks!



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