Gripes and whines: Hotel showers that hurt you.

Number 4,765 on my list of gripes and whines regarding hotels.  Showers that hurt. This, people, is the most painful shower I have ever used. Ever.  It was a (marginally) worse experience than the shower in China that filled your nostrils with ammonia and the stench of back flow from the sewage pipe.  Or another one in China where the base of the bath tub felt so thin and fragile I was convinced I would fall through and be trapped, my ankles and feet torn by shattered plastic.


Don’t be fooled like I was. This thing is evil. Evil I tell you

No, this one physically hurt, and there is no need for it to. The shower base was made of pebbles. Nice touch for a magazine shoot, but the reality is very different.  The pebbles hurt your feet.  A lot.  A hurt that made me leap up and scream. Those with tougher soles might be ok.  But I was not.

The pebbles also gave me another concern.  You can’t possibly clean it properly unless you’re going take to it with a toothbrush and dentist’s high pressure fine water jet, filled with bleach. Now, given that in three days our bins weren’t even emptied (which is rant No. 2,787 in my occasional series of hotel rants) chances of this happening were slim.

I do have a solution though. It can be easily* remedied by pouring self levelling concrete onto it.  You’re welcome.

*and removing and extending the drain pipe and the threshold to take account of the additional height.  So, yeah, ‘easy’ is a relative term.  But hey…it hurt.

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