Beauty on the road: “This Sisley mask is for baggy, saggy skin. It’s suitable for you”

When you walk ‘air side’ at Bali airport you are suddenly surrounded by luxury products. It’s as if you’ve walked into a mini Selfridges beauty hall, with a handbag hall around the corner.   It’s a sea of luxury. With few staff in the beauty section.  Which is not a criticism.


A sea of luxury, with barely a soul around. So not sure quite why I couldn’t take a decent photo of it.

In the UK you’d be hard pushed to get your mitts on many of these products without first having to jockey with a stern counter assistant.  Whose sole role is to make you feel that, only minutes before arriving at the counter, you crawled out of a KFC bucket in a gutter.  But here it was, for all to use. However, it came at a price for me.  

I had my eye on the Sisley Black Rose Mask.  It is a product that I could never justify spending so much on. Well, I could if I really had to, but not now I’m travelling.  But here it was in front of me; priced at and eye-wartering USD$145.  Of the few assistants in the beauty section, the Sisley section was covered. In Chiangi Airport, Singapore, you could easily use the Black Rose Mask and accompanying oil.  I looked like a basted turkey by the time I got on my flight that day. But I digress.

I  asked the assistant what the difference was between the ‘blue’ and the ‘purple’ masks. Now, I don’t know if she was just plain rude or perhaps the nuance was lost in translation, or perhaps months of travel are taking their toll on me and my face, but this was her response:

“The blue mask is for replacing water.  To hydrate skin.  The purple is for baggy, saggy skin, with wrinkles.  The blue is for…um…er…younger skin.  I think you need the purple one.”

And with that, I slathered my face in the luxurious, unctuous cream, turned on my heel (well….flip flopped foot) and left. It is a lovely product, unsure it was worth the abuse though!

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