Beauty on the road: ‘Luxury’ products I just had to bring travelling

I’ve put luxury in quotes for a reason.  If I was back home these items wouldn’t be on my luxury list, but when you’re travelling what counts as luxury takes on a whole new meaning.  Examples are: a flushing toilet (if you can sit on it, even better), a shower that actually gets you wet and doesn’t hurt you, bedding that doesn’t have the imprint of the previous occupant, or their hair! I know, I’m fussy.


Me, sporting the Glam Glow Mud Mask

I’ve read lots of blogs of people who travel (it seems) with  nothing but a Lush solid shampoo bar. I’m afraid I’m just not like that. At home, I had a bathroom cabinet chock-full of moisturisers, oils, masks, cleansers, serums etc.  I’ve struggled to leave that life behind, so I keep a little bit of it with me in the form of these products. There are other products I thought about adding, such as face masks, (despite my experience in Bali) but they’re not a luxury, they’re an essential! Below are three things I guess I could go without but choose not too, despite being on the road.


If it prevents me needing to get my gnashes seen to in a market in Lhasa, Tibet, it’s worth it.

Sonicare Sonic Tootbrush: I have the ‘healthy white’ and sure, it’s a bit of a faff as I need to bring spare brush heads, a charger and adapter (it’s designed for use in a shaving socket).  Of course, a normal toothbrush is feasible, but it’s been so worth bringing this.  I love how clean my teeth feel and if it means I might avoid visiting a dentist on the road, I didn’t need much convincing.

Mine is a few years old.  To be sure it was worth bringing, before I left I ran it right down (took an age), charged it and then tested how long it was until it was desperate for a charge again. Answer: Three weeks. Decision made.  In the pack it went.

It brings me joy at least two times a day, often more. I’ve no regrets bringing this and so far I’ve not had to get my gnashers seen to in the local market. Result.



Best conditioning hair mask I’ve ever used.

Gielly Green Hair Repair Mask:  This, people, is (in my view) THE MOST amazing hair product.  Without fail, it sorts my sun-dried, sand-blasted, parched, dust-filled knotty hair.  A little goes a long way, too.

You can apply it to wet hair and leave for ten minutes or apply at night and sleep in it.  I usually do the latter as it’s less time consuming.  An added bonus is that it has a dry texture (it contains mud) so if you do put it on the night before and can’t wash it out the following day (time constraint, slept through alarm, no longer have running water etc) your hair doesn’t look or feel greasy.  I’ve left it on for a few days – with my hair tied back – and it’s been fine. It also smells divine.

Granted, it’s not cheap, and carrying a tube of hair mask is a luxury, but it works and it makes me feel good. I use the travel size which comes in a nice slim container.  It fits perfectly into my dedicated hair products wash bag.  Yes, you read that right, I have a wash bag dedicated to hair products AND I’m travelling.  Sacré bleu!



An essential for me, but still a luxury

Clarins Blue Orchid Oil:  I’ve hemmed and hawed about adding this product.  The price puts it in the luxury category but I feel (for me)  it’s an essential. It’s the one product I’ve repurchased since being away. If you’ve not considered face oils, I’d encourage you to look into them. Yes, men, even you. A little goes a long way and you can use them in all manner of climates.

I’ve used this oil to: nourish my face following the effects of  biting cold wind at high altitude, add a layer of protection from the drying effects of air-conditioners or fans blasting me whilst I sleep, or on a bus or train!

In humid climates, when only light moisturisation is needed I’ve used a drop or two alone on bare skin and nothing else.  But if you’re in a harsher climate you can use it to increase the power of normal moisturiser by simply adding a couple of drops to moisturiser before you apply it.  I also use it to provide a layer of nourishment before applying suntan lotion for the day.  I let it sink in first.

This clarins one is for dehydrated skin (i.e.: skin that lacks water, not oil, that would be dry skin) and whilst I’m not too keen on the smell, it’s a bit too ‘patchouli-smelling’ for me, it’s worth it. Another oil I love is Decleor Neroli Oil but it’s a silly price and in an even sillier bottle, so I didn’t bring it.

If this one is a bit pricey for you it’s worth considering rosehip oil, it’s quite a bit cheaper than this product. A 30ml oil should last you many months.  I don’t think a day goes by where I haven’t used a few drops of this oil.  Be sure to put the lid on properly though!

What do you think?  Would you/did you bring your electric toothbrush away with you?  Do you have a luxury product you can’t bear to be parted from whilst you’re on the road? Or do you survive on a bar of hotel soap for all ablutions?  Which is cool and I’m kinda envious if you do.  Let me know in the comments below, and of course, I’m happy to hear recommendations!

If you’re interested in products for the other end of the body, this post is all about feet…nice.

Please note: This is not a sponsored post, links are not affiliate links. I chose these products because I like, and use them.  Where images are used, if no credit is given I have sourced the image from the relevant link in the text or the photo is my property.

5 thoughts on “Beauty on the road: ‘Luxury’ products I just had to bring travelling

  1. If I was travelling for 6 mths I’m not sure…but for two weeks, I go with the hotel bottles of shampoo/ conditioner in my wash bag ( knicked from previous hotels) small ‘ soap’ but I do take some moisturiser I’ve decanted from whatever I am using at the time into a small tub if I’ve run out of liz Earle travel/ sample ones my wonderful sister shared with me, otherwise they were my go to travel buddies, and they were delish. Also cleanser…decant into a small tub. Face masks etc…not happening. Rarely remember to use one at home ( again…I only have some cos my sister cares, but I need to use them!) will do this very day….
    Take a normal toothbrush, but have an electric one at home. Love using that upon my I think having a power one on a long trip is soo worth it. All that fur, just doesn’t take hold

    • I agree, and If I could use hotel shampoo I would, but it’s been a long time since I used shampoo, I wash with conditioner. But I do use hotel soap and don’t bother carrying shower gel. I also decant stuff to smaller bottles, even when travelling long term. When moving from hotel to hotel it’s easy to forget things and I’d rather leave behind a small bottle of conditioner than a large one. Urgh….teeth fur. An electric toothbrush soon sorts that.

  2. I am happy with the shampoo & conditioner they give me, I travel so much for work that I don’t remember the last time I actually bought shampoo – its literally years!

    Sunscreen – SPF50+ for the high UV index in New Zealand is a must. I like Coppertone Faces. I’m not much of a makeup wearer so a mix a blob of sunscreen with my tinted moisturiser and I’m done for the day at work with a flick of mascara and a tinted lipbalm.

    I use a stick deodorant in my travel bag so it doesn’t leak or get confiscated at airline security.

    I’m pretty low maintenance 🙂

      • Make sure it’s broad-spectrum covering UVA and UVB, else make it one of your first purchases here – you will need SPF30 ideally – burn time will be around 10 minutes in January.

        Some international brands don’t cover both spectrums.

        Also good sunglasses so you don’t fry your eyes…

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