About Me

Monkey_photoHi, I’m Melanie.  A procrastinating ditherer with a low boredom threshold, a restless soul and an adventurous streak.  A confusing mix.

In 2013, after two years of soul searching, I  finally decided to try and change my life.  Big time. I wanted to tilt the axis of my world, walk down a different path and see where it took me.

Fast forward six months to March 2014, aged 45, I left my job, finished eBaying most of my possessions, welcomed tenants into my home, left the cat with my ageing parents and boarded a fight from London to Turkmenistan, the 7th least visited country in the world. (I had to look it up on a map!)

Here I joined a group spending six month travelling overland to Singapore in a converted truck. What would happen after Singapore? I had no idea, and even less of a plan. I was just focussed on being away and being somewhere different, but I did have some goals.

My goals:

  1. Not get sick – I’d heard too many toilet horror stories
  2. Not wear socks with sandals
  3. Travel on my own (once the overland trip had ended)
  4. Find a way to make an income whilst living somewhere that was hot, and interesting.

The reality:

  1. I got sick with heat stoke within 3 days of arriving in Turkmenistan, I recovered and the following day got food poisoning in Uzbekistan.  Me and a toilet (not always available. Don’t ask.) were very close companions for more than two weeks
  2. Still working on this one, I don’t have 100% success rate
  3. I fell in love and haven’t spent time on my own for almost a year – but I’m not complaining
  4. Hmmmm…..yeah…er…I’m working on that one.

Goal 4 is where I’m at now.   If I don’t manage it I’ll have to go back to the UK and resume my past life, or try and start over again.

Neither option is ideal.

So come and join me on my journey as I write about where I’ve been, where I’m going, what scares me and what makes me laugh.


Freedom feels good. Although, it’s a shame it comes at the expense of occasionally having to wear socks and sandals. Please forgive me.

PS – Just to be very clear, I didn’t fall in love with the monkey above, but he was kinda cute.