Gripes and whines: Hotel showers that hurt you.

Number 4,765 on my list of gripes and whines regarding hotels.  Showers that hurt. This, people, is the most painful shower I have ever used. Ever.  It was a (marginally) worse experience than the shower in China that filled your nostrils with ammonia and the stench of back flow from the sewage pipe.  Or another one in China where the base of the bath tub felt so thin and fragile I was convinced I would fall through and be trapped, my ankles and feet torn by shattered plastic.


Don’t be fooled like I was. This thing is evil. Evil I tell you

No, this one physically hurt, and there is no need for it to.  Continue reading

Afternoon tea at Tugu Hotels, Java, Indonesia

Afternoon tea is served everyday at 4pm at the Tugu Malang and Tugu Blitar. Each day we’ve been at the hotel in Blitar we’ve had different delights.  Some savoury, some sweet.  You often don’t know for certain if it’s going to be sweet or savoury.  You can’t tell by sight alone.  It’s been a lovely treat, and the vanilla tea is delicious.

afternoon-tea-tutu-hotel-java-indonesiaAh…I shall miss this when we return to staying in backpacker joints. Below is a gallery of some of the delights; all of which were delicious.  Continue reading

Review: The Tugu Hotel, Malang. Quite possibly the best hotel I have ever stayed in…

When we were overlanding, we stayed in a variety of accommodation.  Homestays, hotels, tents, yurts, beach huts.  Most had windows, some did not.  Some were excellent, some historical, some nothing to write home about, some were lovely and homely, some faceless and some could well have been death traps. But when there’s limited choice, you can’t be fussy. toiletries-at-the-tugu-hotel-malang-java-indonesia

I stumbled across Tugu Hotels when I was searching for a cheapish place to stay for our trip to Malang.   Continue reading