Trip Hazards


It’s a paved jungle out there, people.  Or not, as is often the case. I’ve taken snaps of some particularly wicked trip (or fall, or garrotte) hazards that I’ve seen along the way.  This is just a small sample of hazards, mainly from Indonesia, but I wish I had started this collection in China as that place was exceptional.  Walking down the street in downtown Lhasa, a low slung electric cable was hanging across the pavement at perfect neck height. I almost garrotted myself.

I will add more as I go and am always happy to see or hear of examples from others.  I’ve included a little bit of music if you want a soundtrack, click the orange arrow start button above then click on a photo to view the gallery.

Top Tip: Don’t step in a puddles either, sometimes they’re missing man-hole covers and are full of poo water. You’ve been warned!



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