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Posts I make will show in descending order on the front/Home page.  I will categorise posts and use tags.  The tags and categories are available from the Home page, and on posts.   If you’re viewing on a mobile device, these may be at the end of the post.

If you want to see all post about Indonesia, then click the ‘Indonesia’ category.  The tags give a bit more detail and can be used to sort posts as well.  Your choice.

Many post are covered in the menu across the top.  So click around.

I will be writing a number of posts retrospectively so things will be coming out in various order over time i.e.: not chronologically. So whilst it may seem like I was in Indonesia one day and Tibet the next, afraid that’s not the case.

I found it hard to work on the blog whilst I was overlanding.  It needs time and a good internet connection and whilst I had time, good internet wasn’t always available.  Plus, I wasn’t able to get my head around the WordPress software before I left to travel, and only had an iPad. Excuses, excuses. I have since purchased a MacBook Air…swoon, which is making it easier.

But above all, I’m a dreadful procrastinator. So here, have a pic of two monks walking in the rain while you wait for me to actually write stuff.  Or you can while away your time sifting through various photos on the Gallery tab or read posts via the menu.  Wake up!  You’re dribbling…


Monks walking in the rain in Gangtok, Sikkim Province, India.

Monks walking in the rain in Gangtok, Sikkim Province, India.


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