The mighty Borobudur, Java, Indonesia

We visited Borobudur today (Oct 2014), and what an impressive sight it is. I think it will get a well-deserved entry in my ‘Top Ten Temples’ list. When I write it.


View of Borobudur as you turn the corner. It really is a magnificent sight.

We opted for the sunrise tour. Or at least I thought we did. We were being picked up at 5am, which I knew would be too late for sunrise here in Yogyakarta, but didn’t argue.   Being so close to the equator, sunrise and sunset only takes about 30 mins.   The call to prayer coming from the mosque RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO MY BED informed me that sunrise was well on it’s way, long before 5 am. The long lingering summer sunsets you get in England or Scotland are a distant memory now.  It’s almost equal parts night and day here in Indonesia.   Sunrise and sunset is done and dusted in not much more than 30 mins…but I digress.  Continue reading