Gorgeous faces of Blitar, Java, Indonesia

We’ve seen very few white faces here. We’re quite a novelty.  And are treated as such when we go out and about.   I doubt many visitors venture far from the Tugu Hotel, and I don’t blame them.  If I’d been staying a night or two – as it seems most other guests have – I too would have enjoyed the lovely hotel and then moved on.  But boy, are they missing a trick!


Gorgeous boys!

The people of Blitar are so, so friendly and kind. We’ve been invited to people’s houses, had our hands shaken, and offered breakfast.  People were happy to have their photos taken and in return they took photos of us. 

I took 368 photos on our 2 hour morning walk today.  Unheard of for me.  It’s been so difficult to try and choose photos to put on here, we met many people all with wonderful smiles and gorgeous faces. When we return I intend to get photos printed and, where I can, find these lovely people again and say thank you.  I asked permission of all the people below and showed them the photo in my camera.  Just look at these gorgeous faces!

Until next time….farewell Blitar…it’s been a wonderful love affair and I can’t wait to rekindle it in the future and see some of these lovely people again.





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